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by Taylor Wiebe on Feb 28, 2023

When I got my first cricut, I ordered an array of cheap tools from amazon. Not knowing anything different, I had no idea what I was missing. When I first used a Siser EasyWeeder®, it was a whole new world. It is now a tool, I wouldn't want to be without!

The EasyWeeder® has a good grip handle, with a good weight to it. But most importantly the pick is sharp and small, and able to weed even small cavities with ease. You can also sharpen the tip with a sharpening stone. I'd highly recommend the EasyWeeder®!

A few other helpful tools:

  • Squeegee - to help you apply transfer tape and apply your design
  • Lil Chizler - to help you remove adhesive vinyl
  • HTV Remover - to help you remove HTV from garments
  • Heat Tape - to help keep heat transfers in place
  • Transfer tape - check out these details for transfer tape options

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