Transfer tape

by Taylor Wiebe on Feb 27, 2023

Transfer tape is tricky! You want it strong enough to lift the vinyl from the liner, but also not too strong that it leaves the vinyl on your finished substrate. Therefore, transfer tape really depends on each person's preference.

Here's some tips and tricks!

  1. Apply your transfer tape, and burnish it well. Instead of peeling the transfer tape towards you, flip the design over so the liner backing is faced up, and peel the liner towards you.
  2. Ensure that you are not cutting too deep. If you cut into the liner backing, it will be very difficult to remove the liner. If you can feel the cuts in the liner, it's too deep.

Transfer tape details:

  • Protac - medium tack, paper tape - this is like masking tape - sold in 100ft and 300ft increments, a favourite for paper tape lovers!
  • Oratape MT80P - medium tack, clear tape with a liner - sold by the foot in any increment you would like.
  • Tape AT65 - high tack, clear tape - this is sold by the roll in 100ft and 300ft rolls, this is a Silver Fox favourite!

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