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Transfer Tape (Clear) - RTape Clear Choice AT65 - High Tack

Transfer Tape (Clear) - RTape Clear Choice AT65 - High Tack

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PLEASE NOTE: 12" Rolls are on sale for only $40 since the edges of these rolls are melted. The functionality of the roll is the same, but the one edge isn't nice, so they are discounted!

This stuff is amazing! Especially when used with Oracal 651.

Clear Choice® AT65 is an ultra-clear, high tack film application tape that provides exceptional performance and versatility for the widest range of sign applications. AT65 is the tape you will want to keep on hand. It's high tack adhesive system is especially well suited for transferring small, high detail cut graphics and intermediate calendared vinyl films with tight liner release. AT65's exceptionally clear film facestock allows for precise registration of multiple color overlays, while the rigid polypropylene film minimizes stretching for precise alignment of graphics.



High tack adhesive
Easy unwind
Exceptional lay flat characteristics
Resists tunneling and curling


Universal performance for wide range of applications
Extended shelf life even after lamination
No milky residue when used for wet applications


Small, high detail cut graphics
Vinyl films with tight release
Multiple color graphic overlays