Oracle Oratape MT80P Transfer Tape Craft Vinyl

Oratape MT80P Transfer Tape

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Enter the amount of feet you would like to purchase in the quantity field (Oracle MT80P Transfer Tape is 12" wide). Product is not cut in squares, but rather provided in longer lengths.

Contact Us if you would like to purchase more than what we currently have on hand, or would like to request products.

Product Details:

Oracle MT80P Transfer Tape is perfect for problem-free graphic transfer of cut lettering and contour cut printed graphics. Its specially formulated adhesive is designed to work cohesively with other ORAFOL products. May be affixed to a graphic for greater than 6 months with no edge curling or adhesive issues, even on RapidAir® release liners. Its siliconized, transparent liner contains a printed grid pattern that makes cutting sections easier and more precise. The transparent film and liner make it ideal for pre-masking longer graphics with a laminator and aligning overlapping and or oversized graphics a breeze.