by Taylor Wiebe on Feb 28, 2023

Sublimation is a process of transferring a printed design onto sublimation-ready materials. It can only be applied to polyester white garments, and sub-ready coated products.

A special printer is required. Some people have converted home printers for sublimation, but it isn't flawless as the ink is a different density than regular inkjet ink.

Sublimation paper is printed on with the sublimation printer and then a heat press is used to transfer the design.

A few products that also work with sublimation designs:

  • Sublimation paper - use this paper to print the designs on to
  • Siser EasySubli - use this product to sub onto and then apply to cotton or dark garments
  • Siser Glitter White - you can sublimate a design right onto Siser Glitter
  • Siser Heat Tape - use this tape to help keep your designs in place!

Cricut calls their sublimation products "infusible ink".

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