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Siser EasyWeed® Electric

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$5.75 CAD
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$5.75 CAD

Enter the amount of feet you would like to purchase in the quantity field (Siser Electric is 11.8” wide).

Contact us if you would like to purchase more than what we currently have on hand, or would like to request products. To process your orders quickly, you can only purchase online the products we currently have, but we are happy to include your request in our next order, if you are looking for more product.


You have got to see it, to see the amazing shimmer!

If you’re looking to take your designs to the next level, EasyWeed Electric has a finish or pattern just for you! You’ve never seen a heat applied material like EasyWeed Electric. The colors are vibrant with a pearlescent metallic sheen. EasyWeed Electric comes on a pressure-sensitive carrier which makes cutting detailed designs and logos a breeze. EasyWeed Electric is durable wash after wash and maintains its bright color and brilliant finish. If you’re looking to provide multi-color designs, EasyWeed Electric can be layered.


* additional time, temperature and pressure may be required if using the Cricut Easypress

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